Monday, December 6, 2010

More than just the animals

It wasn't all birds, frogs, wind and water while we were recording Two Lakes. A series of recordings were made in this lakeside house including electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele and a couple of other bits and pieces. These couple of tracks from the album feature the more traditional instrumentation alongside field recordings. There was considerable experimentation with the instrumentation during the time were were on the south coast. There are a lot of recordings that didn't end up making it onto the final version of the record. One of the interesting things we played around with was playing loops of acoustic instruments through the two amps were took down, a Fender Deluxe and a small "non-name" mini valve amp with broken speaker. The contrast between the bright acoustic instruments and the weathered, fractured and distorted mini amp provided some nice textured that weren't dissimilar to some fo the field recordings distorted by sudden bursts of wind. As well as some direct recordings into the computer, some room recordings in a few different nooks and crannies were made with the zoom and later downloaded to computer. These provided some nice ambience and room sound to the recordings.

Meroo Stream by seaworthy
Meroo Lake Pt 1 by seaworthy

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