Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hydrophones & Rock Shelves

A sample of the source material used to compose "Two Lakes". This hydrophone recording was made on a rockshelf adjacent to Lake Meroo. At depths up to 2m, the sound of sand and air bubbles hitting the microphone can be heard along with the dripping water falling down into the rock pool after waves washed over the rocks. The location was a special place to record with one side of the rock platform exposed to wind and waves, a moderate swell sending waves crashing up onto the platform, shifting stones and swirling up sand and shell fragments within the rockpools and gutters. The other side was sheltered with masses of thick seaweed dirfting with the more gentle surge of swells. The hydrophone used was a Aquarian Audio Products hydrophone (model H2a).

Hydrophone by seaworthy


  1. Great!

    Nothing more specific to say than that sorry, but enjoying reading this stuff and listening too.

  2. Thanks Michael, lots more bits and pieces to come!