Saturday, October 1, 2011

Singing Floodlights

This recording was made with contact mics on floodlight towers at Campbell Park, Russell Lea, NSW, Australia. The towers are relatively narrow and at over 30m high with their large banks of floodlights tend to sway a little once the wind picks up. These recordings were made during a period of particularly strong winds, a common occurance in Sydney during September/October each year. The sounds in these recordings are primarily made from the movement of internal wires/cables as the huge structures sway in the wind. During these recordings, the movement in the lights above was quite dramatic.

Singing Floodlights by seaworthy


  1. Hi Matt, I'm a graphic designer currently exploring soundscapes as well. Was just wondering what recording devices you use to achieve such clear sound recordings. I have a binaural mic but I mostly get a lot of background noise/white noise which interferes with my recordings. Hope you can help, thank you!

  2. Cam here...sorry I missed this. Did Matt get in touch?